Kojagari | kojagiri poornima | Kojagara | Sharad purnima

Posted on: October 14, 2008

Kojagari or Kojagari Poornima

Kojagara or Kojagari is an important festival in some regions of India. Kojagari is celebrated to worship the Goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi. This festival is observed on the night of full moon in the month of Ashwina. “Kojagara “, literally means the night of awakening. It is also a festival of Goddess Lakshmi who descends on the earth on this auspicious night to bless all with health and prosperity.

Kojagari is one of the most important festivals of Central India, particularly the Budelkand region and in some part of Bihar, particularly Darbanga and Madhubani region. In Bihar Kojagara is one of the important festivals for the newly wed, people celebrate the whole night in festivity and games of amusement.

This ceremony owes its origin to the Kojagari Purnima Vrat sacred to the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Indra on this night. The ritual is to fast the whole day and after worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Indra at night break their fasts by offering coconut water and flattened rice to the Gods. It seems on this Kojagari night Goddess Lakshmi visits every house asking “Ko Jagarti” meaning `who is awake’ to ascertain. And those who are awake Goddess Lakshmi blesses them with fortune and prosperity. To welcome Her, Houses, temples, streets etc. are illuminated.

This Kojagari Vrat or celebration coincides with the harvest festival. It is also called `Navanna’ (new food) and from this day the new grain of the harvest is usually eaten. It is likely that the full moon shining with its beauty in the pleasant Sharad ‘ritu’ must have given its importance and tempted people to meet together enjoying and feasting under the canopy of the magnificent moonlight, giving birth to a Festival.

In the western state of Gujarat, the night is known as Sharad Poonam. In Gujarat people celebrate it by doing Garba and Raas.

Currently, this full moon comes during Sharad ritu (season ) of the year and hence it is called Sharad Pornima or Sharad Poonam. (Purnima or Poonam = full moon).

This is a prime festival for Bengali’s also.After durga puja this is a festival celebrated almost every house in Bengal.

There is an Ayurvedic reason behind eating cool Milk & Rice flakes on this night. Sharad ritu (season) consists of those two months season change when Summer is ending and Winter slowly starts. During Sharad time days are very hot and nights are becoming more cooler. This is perfect season for Pitta prakop when pitta vitiates along with other two doshas.

Following are the date calendar of some important festivals celebrated in Mithilanchal ( Bihar ) | Mithila Panchang

Festivals this year 1416 Saal (19 July 2008- 7 July 2009)

Festival Date

Tithi Duration IST Hours

From To
Panchami    Madhushravani begins
23 Jly (22/7)1400 (23/7)1302 In Mithila this day is celebratedas Nag Panchami.
Madhushravani ends 4 Aug (3/8)1252 (4/8)1203 Special day for newly married
Nag Panchami 6 Aug (5/8)1142 (6/8)1152
16 Aug (16/8)0138 (17/8)0215
Krishnastami 24 Aug (23/8)1741 (24/8)1519
Hartalika (Teej) 2 Sep ( 1/9)2346 (2/9)2355
GaneshChauthChauthChandra 3 Sep (2/9)2355 (4/9)0040 Morning pooja of GaneshPradosh pooja of Chandrama
Karma Dharma Ekadashi 11 Sep ( 10/9)1113 (11/9)1248
Anant Caturdashi 14 Sep (13/9)1435 (14/901442
Paksha begins
16 Sep ( 15/9)1419 (16/9)1328
Vishwakarma Pooja 17Sep
Jimutbahan Brat (Jitia) 22 Sep ( 22/9)0131 (22/9)2307 Mothers  fast on this day for the welfare of their
Matri Navami 23 Sep ( 22/9)2307 (23/9)2045
Pitri Paksha ends 29 Sep ( ) ( )
Kalashsthapan 30 Sep (29/9)1236 (30/9 )1247
Mahastami 7 Oct (6/1002221 (8/10)0015
Maha Navami 8 Oct (8/10)0015 (9/10)0150
9 Oct (9/10)0150 (10/10)0343
Kojagara 14 Oct (14/10)0243 ( 15/10)0128 Pooja in Pradosh(evening)
Dhanteras 26 Oct ( 26/10)0250 (27/10)0223
Chaturdashi(ChhotiDivali) 27 Oct (27/10)0223 ( 28/10)0236
Deepavali 28 Oct ( 28/10)0236 ( 29/10)0322 Pooja in Pradosh(evening)
Bhratridwitiya 30 Oct (30/10)0435 ( 31/10)0615 Sisters perform ‘naut’ to
Chhath (Sandhya) 4 Nov (3/11)1214 ( 4/11)1421 Kharna on previous day and parna on next
Akshyay Navami 7 Nov ( 6/11)1709 (7/11)1753
Devotthan Ekadashi 9 Nov (8/11)1806 (9/11)1746
Kartik Poornima 13 Nov (12/111411 (13/11)1217 Sama Bisarjan/ Guru Nanak Jayanti
Ravi vrat arambh 30  Nov Sunday
Makara SankrantiTeela Sankranti 14 Jan Tusari begins
Naraknivaran chaturdashi 24 Jan (24/1)0850 (25/1)1057 Pradosh
Basant Panchami 31 Jan (30/1)1615 (31/1)1549
Mahashivaratri 23 Feb ( 23/2)0401 (24/2)0532 Fast for the day, Mahadeo pooja in pradosh
Poornima/Holika dahan   (Fagua) 11 Mar ( 10/3)0907 (11/3)0739 Holika dahan in previous night.Fagua in Mithila & Dol in Bengal
Holi (1 of Chaitra) 12 Mar ( 11/3)0739 (12/30630 Also  new year day
Vikram sambat 2066 Begins at   IST
Ram Navami 3 April ( 3/4)0719 ( 4/4)0456
Mesha Sankranti (Satua) 14 April Shaka 1930 begins
Jurishital 15 April
Akshaya Tritiya 27 April ( 27/4)0528 (28/4)0043
Ravi Brat   Ant 3 May Sunday
Vat Savitri 24 May ( 23/5)1936 ( 24/5)1749
Hari Sayan Ekadashi 3 Jul ( 2/7)0750 (3/7)0806
Guru Poornima 7 Jul (6/7)1147 (7/7)1338

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